ajaxhelperIn 1971, an article by Herbert Poole entitled “Piping in the Carolinas” was published in The State magazine describing five bagpipe bands in North and South Carolina.  My plan for years has been to do a follow up article, describing the numerous bands which have sprung up since 1971.  Many of these no longer exist and I fear if their histories are not recorded somewhere, the bands may be hard to trace in another generation.

Pipe bands will continue to form while others fade away so an article written today would only catch the state of piping at one moment in time.  A website can continuously add historical information about all North Carolina bands.  It can also share news of emerging bands.

While this site focuses on the history of bagpipe bands in North Carolina, I hope it will be of value to anyone with an interest in piping.  Included is information about North Carolina highland games, festivals and competitions, a listing of Scottish societies and organizations within the state, vendors of piping supplies, and piping and drumming schools that have operated in NC in the last fifty years.

The webmaster can provide contact information about particular pipers or bands upon request. Please contact us for more info here.